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Businesses Need Time Saving & Value Adding Solutions, Not Just A Service or A Filing

Whether you’re a Startup or a Growing Business you will only be willing to pay as much for a service as the value you believe it will provide you. However, there are some cases where you probably don’t value it at all, but rather feel forced to pay for it due to compliance or consequence reasons. Either way, one of the most valuable things you have, or don’t have, is time.

An accounting firm and a software system can provide a service, but whether or not they provide value in the form of time savings will depend on a whole host of things. Many of them are going to be personal and subjective in nature vs a fact or some objective truth out there.

Accounting Firms - You Pay Them For:

  • Give you peace of mind that you aren’t going to jail for not filing taxes.
  • Offer to do the things that HAVE to be done, such as bookkeeping and filings, so you don't have to waste the time doing it or learning it.
  • Tracking you down for the numbers or answers by the due dates when it's required or convenient for them to get their job done.

Accounting Firms - What They Could be Doing for You:

  • Save you money on taxes, and a whole lot more stress and time in staying prepared for tax filings and other big life or business events such as getting a loan or being out of work for a bit.
  • Offer solutions for the things they discover you could use in order to save both you and them time. Such as a new software, a slight tweak in how or when you do things, hours of time freed up every week or day, reduced costs or time to get paid from customers or pay your key staff and vendors.
  • Reduce the time you need to spend talking about the unexciting stuff they want to talk about, and increase the time and attention on the things you want or need in order to confidently grow.

Software Systems - You Pay Them For:

  • Give you structure and the ability to reduce or fully automate otherwise manual efforts.
  • The functions it was built to do that got you to say yes..
  • Talk to your accountant and your other business software systems automatically.

Software Systems - What They Could Be Doing for You:

  • Actually scale and reduce the man hours it takes to do so.
  • Improve staff, customer, and vendor relationships and experiences, as well as perceived value and overall productivity. The functions and interoperability it could bring to the table beyond what you deployed it to do.
  • Allow your accountant and other advisors to bring insights and advice to your conversations, vs annoying questions you may otherwise be the only person who can answer, now that they can login in and see the data and answers for themselves. 

Getting the solutions to do what you pay them to do should be easy, but do you value those services? Getting these solutions to do the things they could be doing in order to bring value and time savings is totally up to you actually. The above are just examples. You may love software or hate it, there are workarounds either way. You may actually want to shrink and simplify vs grow, firms should be able to help you there too. You and how your business is built as of right now are going to be the biggest wildcards to determining how you truly get value and time savings out of the systems and firms that you decide to use.

You know that saying, where there’s a will there's a way? 

Well, if you will to optimize the way you’re using your accountants and/or business software applications then the easiest way to get there is by booking my Console. 

Another way is to try logging into the settings of all the apps you use to self explore opportunities across those apps and the web, as well as trying to start discussing things outside your tax filings or reconciliation status with your accountant during this busy Q1 timeframe. 

Both ways can work, but one way will definitely require less of your most valuable asset, your time.

Book a Console today!

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