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Accounting Console

Taking your small service based business to the next level, without wasting your time.

Why Accounting Console?

Growing a small business is hard, especially in the service industry, and the challenges don’t stop at accounting and finance. Scalability, sales, people, and operations all become concerns faster than you think. Things keep you up at night or come up when you least expect them. You don’t always know what you need or what you should focus on next.

Accounting Console is a service and a solution for your accounting, growth, operations, and work life balance struggles as a small service based business owner.

What could you do personally or professionally with an extra 52 hours per year

If you could add 10% to your bottom line, what would you do with it?

Think about it...


If you want to do more than think about it, then start our Accounting Console process.

Small Business Solutions Beyond Accounting

Objective solutions and consulting centered around you, your business, and your industry

A new perspective with well rounded relative industry knowledge and experience

Proven systems and best practices based off needs and preferences

Sales engineering and customer engagement improvements

Profitability and cash flow improvements

Billing and collection improvements

People and process improvements

Tax and business risk mitigation

Easier change management

Overall time savings

Cost savings



What is an Accounting Console?

The Accounting Console process is our starting point for every small service based business. It is a standard approach with customized results and recommendations unique to you and your business.

Our Accounting Console service is an inexpensive short cut to identifying and solving problems, mapping out priorities and solutions, and having an execution plan for small service based businesses and owners.

The process can be completed virtually and in less than one week depending on schedules.

How It Works?

No surprises, always consolation prizes!

Three simple steps. Two hours of your time. One solution with options specifically for you. 
So that you can save time and stress.

Free Console
Video Call

You sign up for our Console Process, no strings attached. You schedule your first call and complete a brief assignment before the call to ensure we have a productive conversation. We will listen and discover on this call.

Less than one hour of your time, including call, signing up, and homework assignment.
You're now a client, not a lead.

Free Consolation
Prize Call

You will schedule a second call to go over at least one suggestion to save you time, save you money, or something else depending on your situation. We will also cover additional options for actioning any other solutions or opportunities.

Less than one additional hour of your time. A simple deliverable to discuss and share.
You get answers not just pitches.

Your Own Way to

At this stage you will decide to simply action suggestions yourself with the resources and info you will now have, or you can opt into a more hands on approach to further action parts or all suggestions for a fixed agreed upon amount.

You're ready to save time and take action on your own. We can part ways, stay connected, or help take action.
Prices only enhance prizes.

Please note that there are no charges for this initial Console service. Any future services and fees will be mutually agreed upon in writing. You can cancel services and fees at any time, but any prior collected payments are non refundable.

Who are you and how can we help?

We provide customized solutions via our three step Accounting Console process with no fees and only two hours of your valuable time!

Startup Service

  • Smarter start

  • Solutions and guidance to confidently grow

  • Answers to specific questions and to important questions you didn't even know to ask

Growing Service Business

  • Easier change management

  • Solutions for saving time and scaling

  • Accounting solution providers and best practice pairing 

Small Accounting

  • More leads and clients

  • Better client sales and onboarding processes

  • Best practices for scaling & leveraging partnerships

Small Business Software Provider

  • More users

  • More success with firm and other partnerships

  • Direct and digital marketing to firms and users

Contact Us

Not ready for a console, but have a quick question? Fill out the short form below.

How Can We Help You?

Any information gathered will be used solely for contacting you directly from Accounting Console via email for purposes of communicating business, software, and accounting expertise and services.