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You're a Small Business Software Provider

You can never have enough paid users or enough of the right strategic partners. 

Software that provides solutions and opportunities to small businesses and accounting firms.


What you do have!

A great solution comprising of a product and people.

A set of great users and of sub-par or free users.

A board, a burn, and/or a quota to manage.

A group of partners, some of which are accountants.

A responsibility for constant uptime & improvement.

You might have tried?

A new series of integrations.

A new conversion or support tactic.

A new marketing, sales, or operations strategy.

A build it and they will come mentality.

A number of different accounting partnerships.

Software is one of the most common things small businesses will try before they buy.
Software sunset features to focus on new features

You may have cried...

When negative feedback flocked to twitter and you.

When your NPS score dropped 10 points.

When the new exciting partnerships never started.

When your support team couldn't handle it.

When a great relationship had to sunset.

When that new feature or program backfired.

Consoling Small Business Software Providers

What you have works! Don't trials waste resources? Partnerships allow you to convert and work better...

Software Can't Standalone

Two hours to get better connected!

Software companies build great code and user interfaces to help small businesses and firms solve problems.

However, most users and firms are going to use an ecosystem of applications vs just one. They also will be bombarded with thousand of choices and opinions, and not all of them are technically astute enough to select the right software and use it to its fullest potential. Users are great, but partnerships with firms will allow you to scale smarter

Why let your product and team take all the burden when an accounting firm could share it?

Why waste time trialing when you can begin getting connected with, and feedback from, the right firms and users?

Why not book a console with a person who has worked at multiple cloud accounting firms with hundreds of prior client and app partner relationships and an understanding of what they respectively need?

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