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About us

Nothing excites us more then delighting our clients!

Our values

Simplifying the lives of small businesses.

Brainstorming, researching and sharing new ideas.

Creating value, systems, scalability, predictability, and efficiency.

Embracing change while mitigating risk and adversity.

The most valuable intangible asset of all... TIME.

Do your values align with ours?

If so, let's chat!

How and why Accounting Console was born

After ten years and thousands of consultative calls with small businesses across the world while working at various cloud accounting firms, I realized something.

Every business owner wants an answer or a solution, not just to shop for something.

When I could provide one answer or solution before they even signed up for any services then it made them happy, and it made me even more happy, regardless of whether they signed up or not.

Then I thought to myself, what if I could ditch the structure and distractions that came with working at a firm, as well as those same distractions of growing my own firm?

I could then focus every minute of my time and energy into solving problems for small business!

I could align my core values and the value I bring to the table with the needs and abilities of small businesses, firms, and software providers!

I formed this business to do just that. 

I want to be the first stop for small businesses who know they need new back office systems, accounting firms, and other solutions, while equipping them with other knowledge to reduce future surprises.

I want to reduce the time small business owners waste and the biased information they receive while shopping for accounting firms and/or software to run their business.

I will do this via what I call a 'Console' to create a free and easy way for small businesses, accounting firms, and other small business solution providers to confide in me and align values and solutions depending on their situation and needs.

Me, Myself, Nigh

I can be your guy, but there's much more in store for thy.

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Who am I?

My name is Matt Nyman, and I work out of my home office in the South Shore of Massachusetts.

I'm an easy going guy who is typically smiling and spending time solving problems for friends, family, and small businesses. 

While I'm not at my desk, I may be making dinner for the family, disc golfing, working out in my garage, playing kickball, gaming, or researching crypto currency and NFTs. 

I have a wife named Cat who also works in the small business advisory world, as well as two pet cats who occasionally like to join Console calls. 

Accounting console for small businesses


Why me?

My experience:

Ten years in cloud accounting.

Hundreds of clients engaged and serviced over my career.

Thousands of small business convos and problems solved.

Millions of dollars engaged for firms and software providers.

Your experience:

Objective, intuitive, reasonable, flexible, efficient, resourceful, and not afraid to tell you what I really think

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More than I...

Accounting Console will continue to build our network of third party specialty providers.

Turnkey solutions for various business challenges are just an email away

Introductions, engaging, and onboarding with 3rd party solutions are less time and/or dollars given our unique Console Process and the way we align with partners and help set expectations for you and them

One firm, software, or person is typically not a permanent solution. The goal is that you do not hit dead ends and always have someone to turn to as you grow. 

Do these photos look familiar?

They can tell you where I've been and who I spend time with

All the photos on my site are pictures that I captured myself from various places I've visited, beyond the bogs in my backyard.

Click the pics to see the captions.

Company news

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