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You're a Startup

You don't have enough time, money, or financial know how.

Startup businesses have a thousand distractions and unknowns

What you do have!

An idea and a way to bill and collect for it.

A business that you want to grow and protect.

A mission, values, and a set of goals.

A thousand distractions and unknowns.

A life you need to live too.

You might have tried?

An excel spreadsheet or an accounting software.

A new billing or bill pay system.

A new marketing, branding, or operations strategy.

A bookkeeper, a tax accountant, or doing it yourself.

A dozen software systems or demos.

Startup businesses waste time trying or waste time and money signing up for the wrong things
Startup businesses can't lose sight of their mission

You may have cried...

When you got your first tax bill or tax preparer.

When your customer called upset or to fire you.

When you began to lose sight of your mission.

When you tried to learn how to be an accountant.

When you couldn't make your rent or mortgage.

Consoling Start Ups

Focus more on what you have! Ready to stop trying and start adopting? Worry less and grow more...

A Smarter Start

The best two hours of your time!

There is no one size fits all for your startup business. What you need is someone with experience who can align with you, your mission, and your goals in order to take out all the guess work.

Why waste time Googling and trying services when you can just begin adopting the right solutions for you?

Why wait for an emergency situation or another distraction when you can be prepared and more productive instead?

Why not book a Console and invest in your knowledge, your business, and yourself?

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